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Categories: The Ether Review

The Ether Review #56 - Serfs in the Attention Economy

Published on February 23rd, 2017 by Legendface66

In Brief: On today’s episode Kenny Rowe joins to discuss:

Maker DAO Governance The decision making around forks DAOs in relation to stable value tokens The double token model of stable token platforms Community diversification as it relates to application development The serfdom of the attention economy Bitcoin on telephone poles Friction in fundraising rails The magic of technology

Kenny Rowe has been a part of the Maker DAO team since shortly after its inception. Initially a community organizer, Kenny has become more involved in the governance of Maker. This is the second time he has appeared on TER, the first being in early 2016. If you would like to learn more about Maker check out this episode. The Steemit article “Help Emma fight cystic fibrosis” can be found here. Kenny’s good will and spirit of experimentation is infectious, and this is a particularly meandering and enjoyable conversation.

Content: Kenny Rowe, Arthur Falls


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