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The Ether Review #52 — Arcade City is Back on the Road

Published on January 7th, 2017 by Legendface66

In Brief: In spite of the tumultuous public life of it’s founder, the sharing economy project is evolving and moving forward rapidly. We’ve just seen the end of a successful token launch and an all star advisory board informing new leadership fronting a strong dev team. Arcade City is back on the road.

Three members of the post-Chris David team: Bernd Lapp, Michael Thuy, and Stephan Ponnet discuss the status and future roadmap of Arcade City. What was once thought of only as a ride sharing App has been reimagined as a network of services modeled after games, all using the ARC token.

Content: Bernd Lapp, Michael Thuy, Stephan Ponnet, Arthur Falls

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