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The Ether Review #45 - Australia - Agricultural Finance, Financial Assets, & Antipiracy

Published on November 3rd, 2016 by Legendface66

In many ways still a frontier nation, Australia's style of innovation is practical and direct. Three of the startups covered in todays interviews come from industries outside of tech, each looking to blockchain to solve a problem unique to their industries. Finhaus Labs, a research and consulting team offers supporting services and friendly advice to these, and the rest of the local blockchain business community.

Interviews: Nick Addison, Finhaus Labs Connor Svendsen, independent

Emma Weston, Full Profile. Full Profile is a first purchase agricultural finance provider using a blockchain rail to minimize first payment counterparty risk for producers.

Tim Lea, Veridictum. Veridictum is a video piracy prevention tool focussed on the theft of content on social media. Tim Lea is the author of Down the Rabbit Hole: Discover the Power of the Blockchain

John Pellew, Othera. The team at Othera aim to enable the sale of credit backed tokens on the Ethereum public blockchain and provide tools for tracking the provenance and measuring the yield and risk profile of each asset.

Content: Nick Addison, Connor Svendson, Emma Weston, Tim Lea, John Pellew

Additional music provided by Dreamers Delight

twitter.com/naddison twitter.com/emmamweston twitter.com/timothylea2 downtherabbithole.news/ othera.com.au/ finhaus.com.au/ www.fullprofile.com.au/ www.veredcitum.io/

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