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The Ether Review #41 - Martin Lundfall, Rage Against the Machine

Published on October 13th, 2016 by Legendface66

What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine, what design trends and decisions influence its operation and what does that mean for Ethereum the platform?

Today we dive deep. There is a debate around whether the flexibility of the imperative paradigm of programming language design or the verifiability of the functional paradigm are more appropriate for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Martin is in the functional camp which he believes can make Ethereum a more robust and powerful platform. The EVM itself is often overlooked as a black box, but is one of a tripartite of technologies including the consensus mechanism and the distributed ledger, whose design is interdependent. Exploring the relationship between these components is an interesting way to gain a deeper understanding of everyone's favourite world computer.

Content: Martin Lundfall, Arthur Falls

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