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The Ether Review #28 - Dapp Structure and the New Decentralized Exchange, Bitsquare

Published on June 20th, 2016 by Arthur S. Falls

This episode features two interviews. First, Karl Floersch discusses the underlying structures which shape distributed applications. Karl’s ability to explain the deeper mechanics of software running in the Ethereum environment is unique and discussions with him are always fun, insightful, and visionary. Then we have Manfred Karrer, the creator of Bitsquare. For the uninitiated, Bitsquare is a decentralized fiat to crypto exchange. While it is completely self contained and doesn’t use Ethereum in any way. It’s a standalone DApp and that’s pretty cool. On top of that that we have a comprehensive, decentralized version of local bitcoins now which is extremely newsworthy. Bitsquare is especially interesting because by looking at the challenges Manfred faced throughout its development we can gain an understanding of the need for a unified DApp platform. Content: Karl Floersch, Manfred Karrer, Arthur Falls

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