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The Ether Review #18 - DevUpdate, Digix DAO Crowdsale

Published on March 19th, 2016 by Legendface66

Taylor Gerring brings us an Ethereum Development update. Then we’re taking another look at Digix, a gold backed token issuance and exchange platform. The platform featured in episode 8 but given their crowdsale begins on the first of next month and their DAO goes live on the first of the following I figured it was worth revisiting. I’m a big fan of what Kai, Anthony and Shaun have done here. It’s no frills recombinant innovation. Robust and uncomplex. For a critical view of their methodology check out episode 16 with Dominic Williams.

Digix.io ethereum.org

Content: @taylorgerring, Anthony Eufemio, Shaun Djie, @arthurfalls

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