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The Crypto Show with Mr. & Mrs Yamamushi, David Robinson and Lyn Ulbricht

Published on February 9th, 2016 by TheCryptoShow

We start off talking with the Yamamushi's about Bitcoin Classic and why it's the best short term option in Mr Yamamushi's opinion.

Then we talk with David Robinson about his Physics work shop at Anarchapulco and why he's donating all proceeds to FreeRoss.org

All of this while we're being filmed by a French Documentary crew doing a story about the Silk Road and Libertarianism. Lyn Ulbricht also joins us to thank David for his efforts as well as an update on the appeal.

Then David finishes the remainder of the show discussing the topic of his work shop. Some very interesting ideas on String Theory. Original air date 2/7/16 on LogosRadioNetwork

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Special thanks to Rob Mitchel of The Bitcoin Game for donating some Bitcoin Keychains to FreeRoss.org so check out http://Bkeychain.com

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