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The Crypto Show with John McAfee 2016 Libertarian Candidate

Published on February 7th, 2016 by TheCryptoShow

We intended to talk with John for an hour then switch to Jonathan Rumion to talk about Bitcoin Classic but John McAfee was just too much fun. This is a hilarious episode in parts and breaks were even funnier. I wish I had recorded them but it was live and Windows 10 decided it was time to restart. McAfee in the first few segments talks about the great work of young software developers at his privacy incubator FutureTenseCentral. Definitely check it out.
The remainder of the show we talk about John's bid for president in the Libertarian party as well as an unexpected jaunt into Bangkok hookers. Not what you might think. Special Thanks to Rob at the Bitcoin Game podcast for donating some of his Bitcoin Keychains to the Ross Ulbricht legal defense. We will be taking them to Anarchapulco to sell at the conference to help raise funds for Ross. Original air date 2/3/16 on LogosRadioNetwork




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