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The Crypto Show with Guest Chris Odom

Published on October 1st, 2015 by TheCryptoShow

The Crypto Show talks with Chris Odom about Open Transactions, Monetas and untraceable cash.

The Crypto Show sat down with Chris Odom to talk about Open Transactions, Monetas, untraceable cash, and his new joint venture with partner Cliff Baltzey, creator of Hushmail, of StashCrypto.com. StashCrypto offers a new spin on Open Transactions that eliminates the need to trust anyone. StashCrypto has many more phases to this concept planned for release in the near future. This episode is part one of two in conjunction with the release of the website.

[Note: There is no magic word in this first-time episode of the Crypto Show on the LTB Network.]

This episode first aired on the Logos Radio Network.

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