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The Crypto Show with BipCoin's Michael W Dean and Derrick Slopey

Published on November 27th, 2016 by TheCryptoShow

Tonight we start off with a new Zhou Tonged song that you won't hear anywhere else. Then we talk with Michael W Dean and Derek Sloopy of BipCoin. BipCoin is a Namecoin alternative that solves many of the problems Namecoin overlooked. Michael is also a lead member of Freedom Feens radio a national radio show on the GCN network. We also get into the work that Derrick Slopey does for FreeRoss.org

Facebook live video:

Original air date 11/27/16 on LogosRadioNetwork

Sponsored by: http://Dash.org http://Anarchapulco.com coupon code: Crypto http://CryptoCompare.com









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