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The Crypto Show Watch Party from Defense Distributed for FreeRossAthon

Published on December 5th, 2016 by TheCryptoShow

This is the live broadcast of the FreeRossAthon watch party at Defense Distributed. We aired the audio of the FreeRossAthon commercial free for 4 hrs. This is a compilation of the commentary. The only audio of the live stream is of Roger Ver making the pledge to match any dontion made during the event. The event raised about $23,000 instead of the $14,000 they were seeking. With Roger's matching pledge that's about $46'000. Quite an event and all of fun too.

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BTC 139R6K7fxTYaFf2aXTid84Le1ayqMVvSCq

Dash XqDeHnokQocBpvffsa2dWz8mX7oTKpoKzc

LTC LUTJtk4QqXLiDkK8pDKK3jM73VVwbp7oSr

Doge DQBJ7PSpFzUTwpBrny46Kug4BW8AGtq1YQ

LTBC 1CevFxMT6srBtTkWx2qrNaJmjtgxbo7pBA

ETH 0x10cfd6916832566e82b3ab38cc6741dfd7e6164f

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