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The Crypto Show: Sebuh Honarchian and Zhou Tonged Song 'Many Bitcoin to You'

Published on December 31st, 2015 by TheCryptoShow

Chris's 14-year-old friend Sabastian learns about Bitcoin, loads an Airbitz wallet, and receives his first bitcoins four minutes later in the show.

We play the new Zhou Tonged Christmas song "Many Bitcoin to You."

Then we talk Bitcoin with Sebuh Honarchian, covering trading of altcoins, mining, and the dreaded scumbag scammers that plague the space with their MLMs and Ponzi schemes.

Sebuh gives the scoop on a Bitcoin and disruptive tech conference in Amsterdam called D10E. Check it out at d10e.org.

Original air date: December 30, 2015 on Logos Radio Network


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