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The Crypto Show: Scott Horton of AntiWar.com and John Clore, Creator of D-Vasive

Published on November 23rd, 2015 by TheCryptoShow

The first hour and fifteen minutes we spend with Scott Horton, who really breaks down current mess with ISIS, Paris, the refugees, and who's at fault. Scott is a contributor to Antiwar.com, AntiwarRadio, and ScottHorton.org.

In the last half of the show, we talk with John Clore, the creator of D-Vasive pro app, a John McAfee product. This app shuts down spyware from trying to access your phone or PC functions, camera, mic, etc. It also has a feature to block Stingray and Kingfish, the government data grabs we hear so much about.

Original air date on the Logos Radio Network: November 22, 2015


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