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The Crypto Show Roger Ver and Joby Weeks face off on BitClub

Published on February 20th, 2016 by TheCryptoShow

We start off talking with Sasha DayGame a Pick Up Artist/Life Coach and Joby Weeks. Jeff Berwick also sits in as we discuss the conference in Acapulco. At the 45 min point Roger Ver sits in and we get into the BitClub situation. Roger recently announced he was in no way affiliated with BitClub and Joby responds.

This is a funny and informative episode. Please cut us some slack the main host Chris is not on this episode so I'm winging it.

This should shed a little light on BitClub and you can decide for yourself if it is a Ponzi scheme.

We at The Crypto Show do not endorse BitClub in anyway shape or form so if we end up on a "Staged Video" it's not an endorsement.

There will also be a video version of the Roger Ver Portion found on WatchMyBit.com http://www.watchmybit.com/Video/Show/3ea3fc3a-0a63-4376-875c-65d7adee0051 Original air date 2/17/16 on LogosRadioNetwork

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