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The Crypto Show: Jeff Berwick With John Galton & Lily, 2 Days Before John's Death, Is Acapulco Safe?

Published on February 4th, 2019 by TheCryptoShow

Jeff Berwick joins Danny to address the recent murder of John Galton in Acapulco and what that means for festival goers of the famed event, Anarchapulco.
Tragically and ironic 2 days before John's death we interviewed him and Lily about their event AnarchaForko, an off-shoot event. This event is one of many that celebrate what Anarchapulco has brought to Acapulco. In this episode we air a section of the interview of John and Lily, about their thoughts on the safety of Acapulco. Stay tuned for the full interview when Lily is ready for us to release it. This is to my knowledge the last recording of John before he was murdered, very likely by the Cartel. Below are several crypto addresses belonging to Lily who is in great need of help at this tragic time please consider donating to her.

BTC: 32ULGz2V5yY4vVPjWmFrwRW9yYvUJ1Cjs7 Dash: XhnKYDw3FjPpvyyZZQZJkmtLtGREywaiTH ETH: 0x418091c751c4cf5f01d7778ea66f4773b3186692 LTC: MRGocHnAMBBzbwZUZFWg9iVcRs9d49wF4P Smart Cash: STKFwDNmYsRmUMMhZHat84RK4B2mJcYjYj bch: qrtyalaujh6kmzqjyk2rdtel9teffqffg5kkh3sx6m

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