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The Crypto Show Interview With A Scampire Jorg Nakamolto At World Crypto Con

Published on November 4th, 2019 by TheCryptoShow

Just for giggles I'm posting this. I had planned on scrapping it but I figured what the hell I should let people know what it is this Scammer is actually claiming as Co-Founder of Bitcoin. At World Crypto Con 2019 just minutes before his encounter with Kenn Bosak Faketoshi and Scampire Jorg Molt stopped by to tell me how he helped create Bitcoin. As Bitcoin's "Co-Founder" Jorg was able to give me the low-down on everything Bitcoin even how Dash was there too whatever that means. I'm glad I entertained his ego enough to let him roll out lots of rope while spinning his yarn. Hopefully all of you Satoshi historians will jump in on the comments section to debunk his yarns.

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