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The Crypto Show Hawaii With Alex Paer, Colin Gallahger And Todd Houk Fighting Negative Crypto Regulations

Published on April 2nd, 2019 by TheCryptoShow

On this episode of #TheCryptoShowHawaii local crypto advocate Alex Paer discusses the crypto Hawaii groups strategy to make inroads with legislators for a more crypto friendly Hawaii. Tim Houk also in studio shares his take on trading and investing in crypto. The Colin Gallahger joins the show to expand on Alex's topic of legislation. Colin has been very active in the California fight against oppressive crypto legislation. Colin also proves to be very versed in other crypto laws all around the country.

Show notes: ULC (Uniform Law Commission) is pushing bitlicense again with the help of Coin Center and others. The larger community has defeated their bilicense efforts before - three times in California since 2015, two times in Alaska, two times before in Hawaii, and the community has defeated ULC bitlicense once in every other state it has been introduced in since 2015.

Bitlicense has NEVER been made law in ANY U.S. state - not even in NY where it was passed by regulatory action.

Here we are ready to defeat it a fourth time in California!

Colin Gallagher suggests the community create OUR OWN bill, different than the below, that would create a security standard for exchanges - NOT another permit requirement. Colin feels that all of the below bills are NOT recoverable and that we need to DEFEAT, not try to amend them.

Below are 2019 proposed bitlicense garbaggio bills. OPPOSE.

AB1489 (CA Bitlicense): leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billT…20200AB1489

Versions in other states:

Nevada's SB195: legiscan.com/NV/bill/SB195/2019

Oklahoma's HB1954: legiscan.com/OK/bill/HB1954/2019

Hawaii's SB250 legiscan.com/HI/bill/SB250/2019

Hawaii's HB70 legiscan.com/HI/bill/HB70/2019

California's AB953 (Stablecoins/Cannabis) leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billN…920200AB953

Rhode Island has also just introduced language supported by the Uniform Law Commission and the Conference of State Banking Supervisors about virtual currency law - a proposed Rhode Island bitlicense and other bills. OPPOSE.

Colin's Reddit Thread: www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comment…ry_kitt3hs_again/

Shilling for bitlicense:

Uniform Law Commission

Various Banks

Facebook (follow the money - note they are contributing to legislators who are pushing AB 1489, AB 953, and other similarly crummy bills in California



Ghost Management



Others brief amendment to show notes I provided.

The Rhode Island proposed bitlicense from the ULC is found here:


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