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The Crypto Show: Cheran Mexico, Decentralized Government & Crypto, Chris Harrigan & Rodrigo Duarte

Published on March 22nd, 2019 by TheCryptoShow

A year long journey for Chris Harrigan yields a documentary that starts and ends at the Anarchapulco conference 2018/2019. The most interesting part of this journey was years in the making, Cheran Mexico. Cheran is a city in Mexico with deep indigenous roots. Cheran was plagued with corruption and abuse at the hands of the cartel which was protected by local police and politicians. The towns women led an uprising that spawned their current decentralized form of government. The town elders acknowledge that this is a form of anarchism and even spoke at this years Anarchapulco about it. Rodrigo Duarte who is from the region and acts as a translator for the Documentary also sits in to share a more indepth view of Cheran. Chris and Rodrigo also share their thought on how crypto currency could also help Cheran further separate itself from the government of Mexico.

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