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The Crypto Show: Bitcoin Classic with Jon Rumion and Dustin Trammell; Anarchapulco 2016 Speakers

Published on January 25th, 2016 by TheCryptoShow

In the first half hour, we talk with Jonathan Rumion and Dustin Trammell about Bitcoin Classic. Dustin is thought to be the second person to use the Bitcoin network, and he finishes out the last 30 minutes of the show solo, discussing an upcoming event in Austin called bodyhacking.

The Crypto Show goes on air during one of three Austin Bitcoin meetups, providing access to several interesting people in Bitcoin.

Later, Jeff Berwick joins the show, followed by Nathan Freeman, Adam Kokesh, and Anam Paiseanta, all of whom will be speaking or presenting at the upcoming Anarchapulco conference on February 17–22. The coupon code "crypto" will save you some bucks.

Original air date: January 24, 2016 on the Logos Radio Network.

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