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The Blockcrunch - How Should We Govern Blockchains? - Ryan Zurrer (Web3 Foundation)

Published on January 29th, 2019 by DSholla

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Ryan Zurrer, Director of the Web3 Foundation and former Principal at Polychain Capital, joins us in discussing one of the most important questions in crypto: how should we govern blockchains?

We touch on:

How should blockchains be governed? 

What are the different models of governance?

How do we prevent plutocracies?

How does Polkadot further the governance debate?

Show links:

Hosted by Jason Choi (@MrJasonChoi)

Intro music by Phortissimo.

Outro music by Garreth Chan.

Disclaimer: The Blockcrunch podcast series is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Conduct your own research and invest at your own risk.

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