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The Bitcoin Game #7 - Bitcoin Hero Jochen, aka Johoe

Published on December 20th, 2014 by Rob

Welcome to episode #7 of The Bitcoin Game, I'm Rob Mitchell.

The white hat hacker known as Johoe ("Yo-ho") rescued over 870 Bitcoins recently from addresses compromised by a temporary bug in Blockchain.info's web wallet. Today I'm honored to introduce Jochen ("Yo-hen"), who works as a computer science researcher at a university in Germany, and is known on BitcoinTalk.org as Johoe. Bitcoin is a hobby Jochen took up in early 2013, as he first discovered the repeated R value issue, due to a 2013 bug in Android's random number generator that affected the security of some Bitcoin wallet apps.

Jochen has literally raced against other hackers to grab Bitcoin in compromised addresses, knowing his opponents have no intention of returning any Bitcoin they grab first.

Aside from this being the first audio interview of Jochen aka Johoe, this is also the first time he tells the Bitcoin world that it was he who returned 17 Bitcoins to Counterparty, after their Counterwallet had a temporary bug earlier this year that also produced repeating R values.

Jochen talks about a call he recently received from Coinbase, as well as the trade-offs of Coinbase vs. Blockchain.info wallets.

Magic Word

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Show links

Jochen first addresses repeating R value issue due to 2013 Android RNG bug https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=251743.msg2890179#msg2890179

Counterparty Bug first addressed by Jochen on BitcoinTalk.org

Jochen discovers the recently compromised Blockchain.info addresses

Blockchain.info Wallet


Counterparty Wallet

April 11, 2015 UPDATE:
Johoe discovered a security issue with the Trezor, which has now been patched


Bitcoin Keychains by Bkeychain


Music in this episode was created by me, or with friends and family. Ganesh Painting Company is the name of one of the jam bands I feature live recordings of regularly. Some of the musicians you're hearing in the band are Mike Coleman, Rick Marshal, and Michael Goldstein. Feel free to contact me if you want more info about any music you hear on the podcast.

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