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The Bitcoin Game #57: BCH Lead Dev Amaury Séchet

Published on August 2nd, 2018 by Rob

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Welcome to episode 57 of The Bitcoin Game, I'm Rob Mitchell. I’m someone who feels a bit like a Bitcoin Maximalist, yet I still really wanted to learn about Amaury Séchet, lead developer of Bitcoin Cash (EDIT: note it's been pointed out that Amaury is the lead dev of Bitcoin ABC, the main client used for BCH, but he isn't technically the lead dev for BCH - apologies for the inaccurate wording). I like that many of Amaury's opinions seem fairly independent, rather than sticking to a party line. In this long-form interview, we talk about Amaury's initial interest in Bitcoin, why he started Bitcoin ABC, the software behind Bitcoin Cash, and what he saw as three critical mistakes he believed would prevent a big block fork from becoming the majority chain at launch. So BCH haters, put down the pitchforks for a second and give this a listen to better understand the French Bitcoiner known as Deadalnix.


Amaury on Twitter

Thomson M05 (School Computer)

HACK (Facebook Programming Langauge)

D (Programming Language)

Cypress Financial Crisis

Bitcoin ABC

Extension Blocks


Segwit Is Not Great, by Amaury Séchet

Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA)

Free Trader’s Github Blog

Emergent Consensus

The Cathedral and the Bazaar (musings on Linux and Open Source...)

Tokens on Bitcoin Cash

Cash Shuffle (BCH mixing protocol for fungibility)

Grin (Nimble Wimble implementation)


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