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The Bitcoin Game #32: Brock Pierce

Published on January 15th, 2016 by Rob

Hello, welcome to episode 32 of The Bitcoin Game. I'm Rob Mitchell.

Today's interview is with Brock Pierce, chairman of the board of The Bitcoin Foundation, and a highly-accomplished VC in digital currency. Brock got involved in digital token entrepreneurship at a very young age, with a focus on gaming, an activity he excelled at. As he reached his mid-twenties, Brock's companies were doing $100,000,000 in business. By the time Bitcoin was released, Brock had become a veteran in the business of digital currency. Brock was primed to recognize the innovation that Bitcoin introduced, and he quickly became one of the most involved venture capitalists in the Bitcoin space. The first half of this episode focuses on Brock's background.

The Bitcoin Game #32: Brock Pierce

In the second half of my interview, I ask Brock to speak about various aspects of the Bitcoin Foundation, which has faced its share of criticism in the past several years.


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