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The Bitcoin Game #29: Bitcoin Journalist Brian Cohen

Published on November 5th, 2015 by Rob

Hello, welcome to episode 29 of The Bitcoin Game. I'm Rob Mitchell.

I first became acquainted with Bitcoin journalist Brian Cohen in mid-2014, as we were both active on the then-new Let’s Talk Bitcoin platform. I saw he was doing some fairly serious Bitcoin journalism. Soon after I launched this podcast, I reached out to Brian for an interview. It took a year for us to finally connect, but I finally spoke to the man who digs up a lot of the breaking stories that make Bitcoin news.

Right after our interview, Brian reached out to me to say he was remiss for not thanking the "great" editors he's worked with, in particular, Adam B. Levine, Cheryl Hulseapple, Ruben Alexander, Corinne Dashjr, Denise Levine, and Ina Steiner.


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Bitcoin Keychains and Bitcoin Fork Pens


All articles authored by Brian Cohen

Journalism portal for Brian Cohen

Brian's first article on a Bitcoin media platform: "User's Bitcoins Seized by DEA"

The PayPal Wars, by Eric M. Jackson

Chronicling America

Library of Congress

United States Patent and Trademark Office - PAIR

"US Government Bans Professor for Mining Bitcoin with A Supercomputer"

"Bank of America’s and Coinbase’s Bitcoin Patents Revealed"

"PayPal Proposes Reputation Cryptocurrency & Blacklist in Patent Applications"

Coin Fire


Music in this episode of The Bitcoin Game was created by me, except the piece with yodeling and guitar, which Rick Marshall and I created while fooling around at a party. That's the way we roll.


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