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The Bitcoin Game #28: Would You Trust a Bitcoin Trading Bot?

Published on October 22nd, 2015 by Rob

Hello, welcome to episode 28 of The Bitcoin Game. I'm Rob Mitchell.

When I scheduled an interview with CoinCube CEO Robert Allen, I felt pretty skeptical. My gut told me a cloud-based Bitcoin-trading-bot would be something like a cloud-mining Ponzi-scheme on steroids. I wondered, would this interview be my first exposé? Would my "gotcha" questions be too difficult for Robert to field? Listen to find out!

7/19/16 UPDATE: For the sake of being informative, the gains in my CoinCube-traded account to date are about 50% of the gains had I simply bought and hold Bitcoin in this account. CoinCube's Wave algorithm attempts to avoid bear markets by selling BTC, but my sense is it frequently misses price spikes this way. So, this first experimentation with a Bitcoin trading bot has been a disappontment so far. Of course, past performance is never a guarantee of future results (or everyone would be rich).


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Bitcoin Keychains and Bitcoin Fork Pens



CoinCube Performance History Chart

Gold Rehypothecation (article)

Naked Shorting (Naked Short Selling)

Trend Following

Moving Average

Whipsaw Effect

Efficient-Market Hypothesis

Edward Thorp

Market Maker

Fooled By Randomness, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Monte Carlo Simulator


All the music in this episode of The Bitcoin Game was created by me! If you're curious, the music was created in GarageBand (by Apple), Animoog (by Moog Music), and Figure (by Propellerhead). Please contact me if you'd like more info about any music you hear on the podcast.

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Thanks for listening!

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The Bitcoin Game box art was created from an illustration by Rock Barcellos.

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