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Technology & Choice #27, Lucien Vattel on the I AM Tech Stack

Published on January 30th, 2018 by fergish

"I Am" is a technology stack that is evolving to incorporate high tech, to aide a process of personal and social improvement and connection.

Our guest, Lucien Vattel, has years of experience in developing technologies to assist in learning and general education. His company (We Are) is partnering with the One Love Festival (see Technology & Choice #26) to evolve the festival experience while working as a proving/learning ground for evolving the I Am tech in a unique social environment.

This is a really special episode, as it goes straight in on the Technology & Choice theme.


Bumper music: Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod.


Lucien Vattel's LinkedIn profile

Lucien's TED talk

GameDesk video

Technology & Choice Subscription page

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