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Technology and Choice #33, The Meritocracy Chronicle (Log 1, Entry 1)

Published on April 29th, 2018 by fergish

The Meritocracy Chronicle will be a regularly recurring segment, dedicated to discussing and documenting the evolution of the game SFEOS and the principles of crowd founding. See links below for more details on both SFEOS and Crowd Founding.

The term meritocracy can have a variety of connotations and meaning, depending upon users and context. Here it is used only to indicate that the levers of control and influence within a group or activity are best and most justly yielded by those with "skin in the game," i.e., those who have invested time, energy, heart and effort to the creation and sustenance of the activity.

The advent of cryptocurrencies, crypto tokens, smart contracts, and other such tools offer a lot of possibilities that are worth exploring in terms of creation and maintenance of social activities, groups and economies. Building SFEOS is a project to implement and evolve those tools in an environment that is interesting, engaging and desirable, but where catastrophic events have less catastrophic real-world consequences. In other words, we want SFEOS to be a big, beautiful, inviting sandbox which will, hopefully, grow to be a potentially lucrative economic and social reality.

Having fun, sharing experience and learning are the keynotes.

The Meirtocracy Chronicle is your touchstone on how and where it's all going.



Bumper music: Phantom from Space by Kevin MacLeod.



TC #31, SFEOS -- Game World, Real World, Life, with Chadrick Mahaffey

TC #6, Chadrick Mahaffee on Crowd Founding Principles

SFEOS Steemit channel

"Agile is Dead" talk on YouTube

Chadrick's contact email -- [email protected]

Join the discussion on Discord -- "@SFEOS"

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