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State Change #41 Unpacking Digital Identity - Christian Lundkvist, Stephen Wilson

Published on May 19th, 2017 by Legendface66

Today we compare in-depth the self-sovereign and federated models of identity. Why is our means of proving who we are important? Well, for one thing, relying on an authority which doesn’t have our best interests at heart to manage our identity is one of the many problems exploited by the decentralized propaganda machine described last episode.

Our guests today are Christian Lundkvist, senior technologist at ConsenSys and Chief Architect and Researcher of the uPort self sovereign identity platform, and Steve Wilson, has spent 22 years researching identity, 14 of which has been independent. Steve currently leads the independent research business, Lockstep and is also working with Constellation Research where he studies blockchain technology.

Christian Lundkvist: twitter.com/ChrisLundkvist Stephen Wilson: twitter.com/Steve_Lockstep

itunes.apple.com/podcast/state…d1088310627?mt=2 twitter.com/Statechange_ Statechange.net

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