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Sponsor the Show, Advertise on the Front Page + LTBn Logo Contest

Published on September 25th, 2014 by adam

The Let's Talk Bitcoin! show is now accepting sponsors and front page advertisers. Here's how it works.


Each sponsor is granted up to a minute of airtime during the sponsor break portion of the show they sponsor. That time may be used either with LTBn approved, pre-recorded audio or by an impromptu 30-60s exploration of your product or project by LTB's Adam B. Levine.

Space is limited and advanced booking is encouraged. To see current availability please visit our Sponsorship Calendar

Comment on the desired reservation card and link to the proposed sponsor project, or upload the proposed recorded audio to save your place. Once your project is approved, you will be asked to send 1 SPONSOR to a specific address.

Each episode of LTB may have up to two Sponsors. Any available slot may be reserved for 1 SPONSOR token. Both slots may be reserved by the same sponsor for 2 tokens.


In the last sixty days we've had more than a million pageviews and 270,000 visits. We offer 10 no-rotation 155x155 side-banner slots on our front page, arranged vertically with the top slot designated 1

Space is limited and must be reserved in advance.

Visit our Ad Slot Calendar to see current availability.

Comment on the desired reservation card and upload your ad art in jpg or gif to save your place. Once your project is approved, you will be asked to send 1 LTBDISPLAY to a specific address. Each LTBDISPLAY may be redeemed for a full week of the specified slot.

How do I get a SPONSOR or LTBDISPLAY token?

The best (and only for now) way to acquire a SPONSOR token is to use some of the LTBcoin you earned as part of our community, or bought from the local market to win our LTBcoin auctions of SPONSOR, LTBDISPLAY and other tokens.

This is our prototype wholesale distribution system, it'll always be cheapest to buy SPONSORs and LTBDISPLAY for LTBc. If you have LTBc, but no projects, you can sell them for BTC to those with projects, but no LTBc.

Not everybody wants to bother with LTBc, so in the future anyone will be able to sell their SPONSOR directly to a "vending machine" for LTBc or Bitcoin, and someone else will be able to buy it at a higher retail price with no currency fuss or auction uncertainty. SPONSOR, LTBDISPLAY, HOURCONSULT and other tokens are of course tradable and once in your possession, are your property. And this is just the beginning.

LTBn Logo Contest Final Submission Deadline

Shortly before the launch of LTBc, we started the hunt for a LTB network logo with a 100,000LTBc prize to the winning designer. The final date for submissions is October 1st, 2014 at 7am Pacific time. All submissions need to be linked in the contest thread, winners will be announced on October 3rd. In addition to the main 100,000LTBc, there will be several runners-up awards.

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