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SovereignBTC #71 Dmitry Murashchik of Mycelium

Published on July 28th, 2015 by SovBTC

In this episode of SovereignBTC, John Bush interviews Dmitry Murashchik, Community Manager at Mycelium. Dmitry is responsible for bringing community feedback about Mycelium Wallet and other applications to Mycelium Developers. In this interview, John and Dmitry talk about the latest from Mycelium, the the state of the economy, and insights surrounding the recent blockchain spam attacks. They also both revel in their disdain for all things government and regulation.

Also in this podcast, join John Bush as he orders a 1/10 oz. gold coin from SovBTC sponsor, Veld Gold. It's John's first time purchasing from the site and he takes the listener on a walk through of how to purchase precious metals from Veldt Gold using bitcoin.


Veldt Gold - Recognized and trusted in the Bitcoin community, Veldt Gold is your leader in sound money solutions. Veldt Gold has fast shipping and the ability to send and receive encrypted messages. They also will buy your gold and silver in exchange for bitcoin! USE COUPON CODE johnbush TO RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER!

Free State Project - Free State Project is an agreement among 20,000 participants to move to New Hampshire, where they will work together to create a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.



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