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Sex and Science Hour - E014 - Two Millibits Short

Published on May 17th, 2014 by stephanie

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Show notes and links:

  • We're a day late with our show, but to make up for it and thank you for your patience, we've made it almost 30% longer!

  • Brian exposes a bitcoin related Twitter scam.

  • Vibram isgetting sued for claiming that their shoes are healthy.

  • Trouble at the Bitcoin Foundation. Is the real problem centralization?

  • Anotherinternet virgin has started a conversation about virginity and what it really means... all without actually having any sex.

  • "Sex sent me to the ER"

  • Cops tell young girls that they may in factdie if they have sex.

  • A government mandatedID for the internet... Is the idea a lost cause or could free people do it better?

  • Driverless cars. Can we trust them?

  • Can robots learnright and wrong?


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