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SAFE Crossroads Podcast #21 SAFE School, Class IV, Reaching Bedrock

Published on October 21st, 2015 by fergish

In this Episode

In Class IV of the SAFE Network School we get down to bedrock on one of the most important aspects of the SAFE Network. We have loads of fun, actually. It's back to school for sure, but also has a bright gem of entertainment to help bring the lesson home.

With this material we are able to get our feet on solid ground on not only how the network organizes and administers so many intricate actions, but we see the foundations of the very different, but very powerful method of establishing consensus and truth within the SAFE Network.

Please understand that the data dealt with here may lack the full clarity it should if you have not become quite familiar with the material in the previous SAFE Network School Classes. Going over the relevant sections of the SAFE Network Wiki and these podcasts and referenced material more than once is recommended for best comprehension. The technology underlying the SAFE Network contains a number of new innovations/discoveries, all in play at once. Understanding does not yield well to snapshots.

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Music for this episode: SAFE Crossroads, an original piece, composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes

Show Notes

SAFE Network Wiki

SAFE Network Glossary

The SAFE Network from First Principles

The Frantics, Roman Numerals sketch



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