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SAFE Crossroads Podcast #11 Francis Brunelle, Community in Action

Published on August 5th, 2015 by fergish

In this Episode

First off we start this episode with several pieces very encouraging news from the MaidSafe development team.

Then we have a chat with one of the most active Project SAFE community members, Francis Brunelle, from Montreal, Canada. Francis hosts the largest SAFE Network meet-up in the world and is extremely active pursuing various projects related to forwarding the SAFE Network, before and after launch. He also has other interests which he is working on, including helping the Bitcoin community in Montreal. He's been of immense help to your host and to countless others, in and out of Project SAFE. He definitely exemplifies an individual who puts community in action.

Things are starting to rock, folks!

Magic Word

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Music for this episode: SAFE Crossroads and Magic Words, original pieces, composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes


MaidSafe Dev Update for Aug 3rd, 2015

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