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Proof of Love - Divorce, Dating, and Dadding with Scott Hancock

Published on June 5th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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With Father’s Day fast approaching, Tatiana and Lauren spend some time with dad and crypto community friend, Scott Hancock. Scott shares the joys and challenges of parenting, dating while parenting, and some of the conflicts that come along with juggling a romantic relationship and parenting. 

For ladies considering dating a dad, Scott advises that dads aren’t always as available as single men without children and that being understanding and accommodating is an appealing quality. Lauren points out that a relationship with a single dad shines a spotlight on the importance of communication to keep everyone’s expectations in the realm of reasonable.

The trio discuss whether single parents look for other parents in similar situations when they are dating, the intricacies of navigating divorce and co-parenting, and parenting styles as they relate to getting into a serious relationship.

Finally, Scott chats about dealing with COVID-19, dating apps, and his preferences for meeting people. You might be surprised to hear his thoughts and experiences.

About the Guest:
Scott brings more than 14 years of experience in driving revenue for high-tech start-up businesses and technology resellers. During this time, he has served in various senior management, consultant and business development roles for both successful start-ups and mature technology businesses. Additionally, Scott brings a deep level of expertise in the blockchain and enterprise data center sectors, having served as a long-term, trusted partner to executive IT decision-makers. Throughout his career, he has generated more than $40 million in revenue while creating and managing teams across new markets. Scott serves on the Blockchain and Crypto Mining Association board, is a member of Rotary Club International and is a proud father of his 5 year old daughter Adeline.

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