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Proof of Love - Dating & Courting During Lockdown

Published on May 29th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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Proof of Love hosts Tatiana and Lauren explore how the COVID-19 lockdowns have changed courting and dating.

Tatiana candidly shares her personal dating experiences (kind of) during the coronavirus quarantines and her revelations about her own expectations and some new rules she has made for herself.

Lauren shares reminders things are kind of crazy right now and that what is right is what is right and safe for you right now.

Tatiana brings up a satirical scene dealing with consent in the popular new Amazon series, “Upload,” and wonders if we are on our way to such formal dating requirements. ( Probably not, but it’s pretty hilarious to see acted out on screen.)

Is going Dutch expected? Is it old fashioned to expect a guy to be a gentleman these days? Does video dating count as dating? Are women being taught things that make dating harder and less fulfilling? Is quarantine keeping some people together just so that they can have a warm body during lockdown?

Tune in and let us know on Twitter or Facebook what your dating situation is like during the lockdowns.


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