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Proof of Love - Stress & Self-Improvement During Lockdown

Published on May 22nd, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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Lauren and Tatiana share how they’ve been dealing with stress and isolation during the COVID-19 lockdowd, how the quarantine has affected their limited interactions with others, and how they’re trying to manage their anxiety and avoid taking it out on others.


Establishing positive habits during the crisis is just what the doctor ordered. At least, we think so.

Tatiana opens up about how the lockdown has negatively impacted her relationships with family members. Lauren discusses her de-stressing routine and how it’s changed over the past several weeks, and the need for affection and empathy to help yourself, your family, and your friends. 

How has the lockdown affected your close relationships? Do you have any new ways of coping with stress and boredom? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!


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