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POV Crypto - How to Give Bitcoin, with Cory Klippsten

Published on October 15th, 2019 by BTCMedia

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Cory Klippsten is the Founder of a brand new company, Give Bitcoin, that dedicated to on-boarding people from no-coiner to Bitcoiner, without loosing them to XRP!

givebitcoin.io is a new website for buying and giving Bitcoin to someone, with the security that they can't go and sell it or trade it for shitcoins.

Corey comes and discusses a number of related topics

  • Give + Timelock + Educate = Bitcoiner

  • Monthly onboarding material

  • Locking 1M Bitcoins off the market

  • Onboarding: The hard problem of crypto

  • Give Bitcoin as a BTC distribution system

  • How scalable is Austrian knowledge?

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Cory Klippsten on Twitter @coryklippsten

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