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POV Crypto - Fight Night XIII - Coronavirus, Pomp is Fiat Money, ProgPoW Weakness

Published on March 3rd, 2020 by BTCMedia

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In this comical episode of a fight night, David and Christian go through the recent conversations in the cryptosphere.
  • Coronavirus; how it illustrates governments desire to lie, or their incompetance.

  • Pomp releases a newsletter article saying "ETH is no different than a Fiat Currency". David thinks Pomp is writing a no-substance clickbait, Christian thinks that David and Ethereum people are missing the real message behind it.

  • ProgPoW shows a weakness in Ethereums governance; will it also show the strength of Ethereum's immune system? Can Ethereum violate all previous stories and anecdotes of centralized authorities giving up power? Christian thinks history works against Ethereum; David thinks that Ethereum is currently showing that trajectory.


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