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P2P Connects Us Episode 16 - Steve Waldman

Published on April 15th, 2015 by john

On today's episode we're going to be talking about Uber accounts for sale on the darknet, the SELC policy proposal for p2p home rentals, an update on the California Bitlicense bill AB­1326, and last but certainly not least, Steve Waldman joins the show to talk about cryptoasset valuation.

Note: I am in a new recording environment and do not yet have my recording setup dialed in. Please excuse the inconsistent audio throughout this podcast recording.

okTurtles Foundation

Bitseed Bitcoin Edition

Stolen Uber accounts for sale on the dark web

BlockchainID - p2p authentication

The SELC STR discussion

SF has nation's highest rents

South Korea charges 29 Uber employees

Regulation Red Herring

CoinDesk coverage of "Withdraw AB-1326" petition

Bitcoin entrepreneur Terry Floyd speaks out at SF Bitcoin meetup

Petition to Withdraw AB-1326 aka the California Bitlicense bill <-- SIGN THIS

Steve Waldman's blog, Interfluidity

Steve Waldman "Cryptoasset Valuation" talk @ Silicon Valley Ethereum meetup

"An Alternate Reality for LTBcoin" by yours truly


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Content for today’s episode was provided by John Light and Steve Waldman

Music for today’s episode was “Curbside Killers” by Pskov

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