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P2P Connects Us Episode 17 - Meghan Murphy

Published on April 27th, 2015 by john

On today's episode we're going to be talking about the recent Bittorrent Incorporated layoffs, the PopcornTime domain name suspension, crowdfunding for an immortal Library of Alexandria, and last but certainly not least, Meghan Murphy joins the show to talk about HandUp and their mission to help the homeless.

Bitseed bitcoin full node hardware

okTurtles Foundation

Let's Talk Bitcoin - "Gradual Progress"

Bittorrent confirms layoffs

uTorrent quietly installs cryptocurrency mining software

Brian Hoffman invites former Bittorrent employees to join OpenBazaar

PopcornTime now "impossible" to shut down

Blocktech launches Alexandria crowdfunding campaign

Destruction of the Library of Alexandria

Blockstore - name registration on the bitcoin blockchain



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Content for today’s episode was provided by John Light and Meghan Murphy

Music for today’s episode was “Curbside Killers” by Pskov


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