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P2P Connects Us Episode 15 - Scott Santens

Published on March 25th, 2015 by john

On today's episode we're going to be talking about Uber's legal troubles in Europe and Asia, Uber and Lyft drivers facing recategorization in the U.S., the Evolution exit scam, AB-1326 update, and last, but certainly not least, Greg Slepak and Scott Santen join the show to talk about basic income.

Petition to save bitcoin businesses in California [<-- click here and sign]

The okTurtles Foundation - developers of DNSChain, BlockchainID, and the okTurtles browser extension

Bitseed - dedicated hardware for Bitcoin full nodes

Uber HQ raided in France, UberPop banned in Germany, CEO and 28 employees charged in South Korea

Lyft and Uber drivers face legal reclassification in the U.S.

Evolution exit scam PSA

"Evolution Exit Scam Shows Multisig Isn't Enough; We Need Decentralization"

John Powell sentenced to 48 months in prison for selling bitcoin (!!)

Basic Income Links

The Liberia Pilot

Manna by Marshall Brain

Robotic Nation by Marshall Brain

Basic Income and prices

Scott Santens Patreon campaign

The Basic Income Community on Reddit

Peter Barnes on the Alaska Model

What we learned from the AIMEs

Basic Income as Capitalism 2.0 with further decreased centralization

How technology increases inequality and how technological deflation is not going to save us


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Content for today’s episode was provided by John Light, Greg Slepak, and Scott Santens

Music for today’s episode was “Curbside Killers” by Pskov

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