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P2P Connects Us - Episode 7

Published on December 8th, 2014 by john

On today's episode we're going to be talking about the Open Bazaar Developer Network, the failure of consensus on the Stellar network, peer­-to­-peer video chat in the browser, and last but certainly not least, Aral Balkan joins the show to tell us about indie technology.

P2P Connects Us Patreon page

Open Bazaar Team Developing

Announcing the Open Bazaar Developer Network

Safety, liveness, and fault tolerance - the consensus choices

Why the Stellar Forking Issue Does Not Affect Ripple

Ripple Labs Chief Cryptographer David Schwartz explains why a fork is "impossible"

Talky.io - P2P screen sharing, voice, and video chat in the browser

Facebook shadow profiles

Aral Balkan on taking VC funding

Indie Manifesto

Ind.ie crowdfunding home page

Content for today’s episode was provided by John Light and Aral Balkan.

Music for today’s episode was “Curbside Killers” by Pskov.

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