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MMM S02E07: One Million BITS

Published on June 27th, 2014 by madmoneymachine

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  • Coinbase allows you to switch to BITS
  • Rob: Did MMM artwork, runs bkeychain.com, and was the first to use the Venice Beach ATM!
  • Jason Coles says thank you to Stephanie and Levi
  • WSJ talks to Bobby Lee
  • GURU: Peter Diamandis says bitcoin moving to disruptive phase
  • Support BRAWKER.com. Before you buy it, Brawker it!
  • JJ Phillips says turn 10 millibits into 1.3 bitcoins at mathgate.info by proving the Well-Ordering Theorem. Deadline: July 12
  • Satoshi's Corner
  • Step 6: Style Drifters
  • Call: What to do with old bitcoin mining rigs?
  • TOOL: Hivewallet.com
  • CA to make bitcoin "lawful money"
  • Bitcoin Bowl coming Dec 26
  • Soccer on TV
  • MegaPhone pinch case?
  • Walmart Southern Sweet Tea drink enhancer
  • Wrap-up song of the week: Darius Rucker Southern State of Mind (credit: YouTube)

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Music from musicalley.com and YouTube. Alta Plaza by X-Ray Dogs. Money by Theory in Motion.  Runaway Train by Under Feather,  Music: Under New Management – theVoyeurs http://www.thevoyeurs.org/, Music for Step 1 and all other steps: Rescue Me – Zach and Sarah website: http://zachandsarah.org/

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