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Meet the Taco Plebs - Memes Will Take Bitcoin To The Moon with @Chad_Capital

Published on August 23rd, 2021 by BTCMedia

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Understanding bitcoin can change your life. Once you do understand it, your entire system for evaluating what is worthy of your time, money and effort is also changed. I discussed this idea and more with The Bitcoin Conference’s latest addition to the team, Brad, on Twitter as @Chad_Capital.

He and I discussed how he first heard about Bitcoin, which was a result of the infectious excitement many feel about Bitcoin once they understand it.

In addition to this, we discussed the power of memes and how they, through humor, convey commonly understood ideas of the absurdity of the fiat world we live in.

We finally finish off with what he is looking forward to in the bitcoin space, including a shoutout for Bitcoin 2022, and his final bullish price prediction.

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