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LTB Community Roundup #7

Published on September 18th, 2014 by MikeJohnson

Welcome to another edition of the LTB Community Roundup.

This week we are going to take a quick trip around the highlights of discussion on the Let's Talk Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin is falling awfully close to the US$400 rate, and now might be the time to buy some cheap coins. What are your thoughts regarding the dip in price?

In the "interesting use of a token" department, @wildjo is looking at the potential for establishing an island sanctuary for everyone. The concept certainly is an interesting one and warrants some discussion. What are your thoughts?

What is your favorite wallet? Are you using a web-based wallet, a hardware-based wallet, or something installed on your computer or mobile device? Check out this discussion and let others know about your favorite wallet.

Has something scary happened to you with bitcoin? The author of this thread asks exactly that. Perhaps you lost your private keys, or you corrupted some files and panicked. Come share your story.

Looking for pure speculation? Check out this thread that asks what the price of bitcoin will be in 2020? What are your honest thoughts?

What do you think about a company making a new token-based system that lets you exchange the value of BTC off the blockchain? SilentVault has launched and a discussion regarding the technology is taking place right here on the forums. What are your initial thoughts regarding this technology?

It looks like frequent Let's Talk Bitcoin contributor @tim-swanson has joined Melotic. Head on over to this thread to say congrats.

How much time do you spend online? This thread has been growing and asking this very question. Be sure to drop by and let everyone know your online habits and your thoughts regarding balance.

Are you a fanatic about checking the price of bitcoin? How often do you check? These are the burning questions asked in this thread.

What if a group of people decided to start burning LTBcoin? This thread is asking just that. This is sometimes seen as a way to increase a coin's value. What are your thoughts? I am really curious to see what others are thinking.

Will you join me in starting one new discussion post this week? I am always looking for new and insightful things that potentially challenge my current thought processes and make me think in new ways.

See you in the community!

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