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LTB Community Roundup #5

Published on August 20th, 2014 by MikeJohnson

The Let's Talk Bitcoin community growth seems to never just stop. The past week has seen the creation of more threads, more new users, and even a greater flurry of activity.

Each week I attempt to bring you just some of the highlights and things that are taking place in this community. Here is a small sample.

One topic that has been on the mind of many people across all communities over the past week has been the price of bitcoin, and one theory that is being discussed is what impact margin trading has had on the bitcoin price.

What are some bitcoin sites that you are following besides Let's Talk Bitcoin? This thread asks just that question and has a growing list of great resources from various members of the community. What are some of your favorites?

Here is a fun post that made me smile and showed off the talents of one our great community members, greenguitar28. How much fun is that?!?

Our fearless leader Adam took to the forums to announce a new podcast built around Dogeparty. More details about it can be found on this thread.

I've seen some threads regarding "addiction" to cryptocurrency on the forums before, but this one is seeing some activity from various members of the community.

Let's take a drive down the road of speculation for a moment in this thread regarding the price of LTBc in five years.

Different cryptocurrencies bring different advantages to the table, and this thread asks which of those you feel attracts you the most. Be sure to take a moment and leave your thoughts.

The Dogeparty Dogecoin burn is still ongoing. You can find some interesting discussion about just that here on Let's Talk Bitcoin.

Until next week, keep creating great new threads and you just might see yours featured in the roundup.

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