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LTB Community Roundup #4

Published on August 11th, 2014 by MikeJohnson

The Let's Talk Bitcoin community seems to always be teeming with activity and since the last time we spoke even more great discussions have been taking place.

Turn asked, "What are you mining" which is prompting an interesting discussion regarding the various altcoins that various members are currently mining. Are you currently mining or have you given up? Chime in and let the community know your thoughts.

Adam is preparing for the next version of the Let's Talk Bitcoin iOS application and is soliciting your feedback for what the next version should have for improvements. Take a moment and let him know what features you want to see or give him some confirmation that they are heading down the right path.

taylanu wants to know what the community thinks about the announcement that Dogecoin would be changing the mining system so that it can be merge mined with Litecoin via a new proof of work system.

What are your thoughts about bitcoin ETFs? Do you think they will have a major impact on the price? An interesting discussion around this is taking place in this thread.

Bitcoin is being treated as a currency by many. You use currencies to purchase things so this thread is asking what have you bought with bitcoin?

What are your favorite ways to earn Bitcoin? Perhaps you aren't a miner and this thread asks you to share your various ways of earning bitcoins.

In the world of speculation user Turn is curious as to what you think the price of bitcoin will be in one year. This thread is bringing out some interesting thoughts and I'm certainly curious to hear what you are thinking.

If you are looking for a discussion regarding cold storage solutions than look no further. A discussion is taking place regarding the various options. Do you have a favorite one? Be sure to chime in.

What do you think about bitcoin conspiracies? This thread is about a bitcoin conspiracy theory that has cropped up recently. It certainly makes for an interesting discussion!

I'll do my best to keep scouring the message boards each week to find just some of the gems but if you haven't joined yet now is the perfect time to get in on the action.

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