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Let's Talk Bitcoin! #328 Art on the Blockchain Pilot

Published on April 23rd, 2017 by adam

On Today's Episode

Adam is interviewed about token.fm on the pilot episode of "Art on the Blockchain" with DJ $crilla and IP Attorney Cynthia Gayton

Shownotes: This is Episode 1 of ART ON THE BLOCKCHAIN with your hosts DJ J $crilla and Cynthia Gayton. In this episode we familiarize our listeners with who we are and what our aim is with the podcast. We speak to Adam B. Levine for an hour about tokensizing art, his projects Tokenly and token.fm and much more.

Art on the Blockchain News Discussed:

  1. Spotify has acquired Sonalytic, a UK start-up that uses audio identification technology to recognize songs and tracks copyright protected material. 3/7/2017 news.spotify.com/us/2017/03/07/27384/

  2. Jay-Z has created, along with other related businesses, a new venture capital fund under the Roc Nation umbrella called "Arrive" to assist with branding, managing artists and representing athletes according to their press release. The team intends to work with a select group of early stage start-ups. www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/r…-300418165.html

  3. Simon Denny, a New Zealand born and Berlin-based artist has a solo show at the Los Angeles Hammer Museum featuring the potential applications of blockchain. In this exhibit, he investigates three possible futures for the industry and created a sculpture for each. The exhibit closes on April 23, 2017. hammer.ucla.edu/exhibitions/2017/…ects-simon-denny/

  4. Economist and film maker Manuel Stagars has released a documentary film entitled "The Blockchain and Us" this year. The film is the result of twenty interviews with people ranging from authors to futurists from five countries. www.manuelstagars.com/blockchain-documentary/

  5. There will be a Blockchain and Decentralization meetup at SXSW on March 14 from 3:30 - 4:30. schedule.sxsw.com/2017/events/PP96648

DJ J-$crilla's Featured Project:

Discuss the Rare Pepe Trading phenomenon and it's uses on the blockchain. We talk about artists monetizing their artwork on the blockchain and trading cards on counterparty (XCP.)

Instructions (Courtesy of @CryptoChainer)

  1. Create wallet on rarepepewallet.com
  3. Copy address, and send BTC for fees
  4. Send BTC to tuxexchange.com
  5. Purchase PEPECASH at tux
  6. Send PEPECASH to RPW address
  7. Buy cards, and live forever
  8. Use Book of Orbs on iOS or Android for mobile experience
  9. Existing passphrase can be used in Book of Orbs
  10. There is no #10

Rare Pepe Wallet : rarepepewallet.com Rare Pepe Directory: rarepepedirectory.com Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/pepetraders/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/rarepepeblockchain Telegram: t.me/rarepepegradergroup Game Website: rarepepe.party Official Wallet: rarepepewallet.com A Gallery of Rares: rarepepe.gallery Centralized Pepe Auction House: pepeauctions.com Pepecash Exchange: tuxexchange.com/trade?coin=PEPECASH&market=BTC Android/iOS Pepe Wallet: bookoforbs.com

Recorded at One Love Massive Headquarters in Washington DC Engineer: DJ Mike Phillipz

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