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Let's Talk Bitcoin! #291 Early Days at OpenBazaar

Published on May 1st, 2016 by adam

On Episode 291...

On Today's Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin! We're joined by Brian Hoffman, one of the founders of OpenBazaar and the company leading it's development OB1. Adam and Stephanie pick Brian's brain at length about the early days of the just-released distributed commerce platform and what comes next.

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Tokenly is Hiring!

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Business Development - Crowdfunding Platforms

Tokenly has identified Rewards Based Crowdfunding Platforms as the best opportunity for tokens to be useful outside of the world of cryptocurrency speculation. We’re looking for someone who's spent time in the trenches at an existing Crowdfunding Platform who can become the face of Tokenly to this market, the voice of our platform partners, helping make sure our solutions are really solutions and basically be Tokenly's ambassador to Crowdfunding platforms.

If you think you're a great candidate, are passionate about what we're doing but don't have explicit Crowdfunding industry experience, contact us anyways. Being a native to that space is a definite advantage, but we're looking for the right person for this role more than someone who tick's all the boxes.

Front End Developer

Tokenly is looking for a front end developer to put a great user experience in front of our token tools.

We’re looking for someone passionate about cryptocurrency and token technology with a desire to create world-class user experiences.

If you can design frontend visuals using HTML and CSS frameworks and implement them using Javascript frameworks such as React or Angular, then we’d like to hear from you.

General Developer

Tokenly is looking for a developer to build out our suite of token tools. We’re looking for someone passionate about cryptocurrency and token technology with a desire to expand and improve our blockchain infrastructure. Building a scalable, reliable and secure cryptocurrency infrastructure is a challenging task. But if you are familiar with systems programming, DevOps and care about reliable, high quality code, then we’d like to hear from you.

Experience with PHP, the Laravel PHP framework, NodeJS, Docker and Amazon Web Services are a plus. We are a small, growing and ambitious team at Tokenly.

We are on a mission to bring cryptocurrency to a broad audience beginning with users of Crowdfunding platforms. Sound interesting? Get in touch! Email [email protected]

Integration Contest Becomes a Hackathon

With the quick success of the Tokenly Online Equity Pitch, we've decided to delay the launch of the Hackathon while we get prepared for a more ambitious event than we'd been planning. If you're a developer who want to get a head start, dive into the links below and learn about our APIs

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Credits for Episode 291

Content for today's episode was provided by Brian, Stephanie and Adam

This episode was edited by Adam B. Levine.

Music for today's show was provided by Jared Rubens and MindToMatter.org

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