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Let's Talk Bitcoin! #256 Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Published on October 17th, 2015 by adam

On Today's Show

We're zooming in on two projects that are keeping things simple with the idea that once you've solved the basic problems you can do all of the fun stuff. As technology enthusiasts we love the fun stuff, but even more we love projects actually getting to the people who can prove their value (or not!).

  • Adam speaks with the founder of Joystream.co, a Bittorrent Client with a built-in bitcoin wallet that uses Payment Channels to let Downloaders pay Uploaders using market-based pricing.
  • Matthew digs into the Bitmarkets project with founder Steve for an in-depth look at the choices they've made and why they make sense. This is a great interview. I'm very interested in this project and its ethos after hearing this interview.

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Credits for Episode 256

Content for today's episode was provided by Steve, Bedeho, Matthew and Adam

This episode was edited by Adam B. Levine.

Music for today's show was provided by Jared Rubens and John Barrett

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